What Does Cloud Hosting Mean For You?


Posted on 18th October 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

In Cloud Hosting, users can access any kind of dedicated resources server. There are no longer restrictions on piece of hardware and software. As for the operators, they can easily operate without a limitation on single server storage.

Users can purchase as much processing power as they can in virtually growing data center. The purpose of cloud hosting is to reduce the load of local server processor and traffic which cause network to slow. By using cloud hosting server, there will be no downtime for the websites owner or application developer, meaning less or no disruption for the usage. In cloud hosting, you are only paying for the resource that you are using.

Typically, using cloud hosting is the same way like you are using water, gas and electricity at your own place. There are advantages of using cloud hosting. This includes scalable and secure hosting, dedicated (static) IP address, advanced load balancing algorithms, flexible price and easy to access via control panel or API and easily manageable.

Anything that you consume outside the firewall can be cloud. All kind of network administration job like handling security, load balancing, hardware resources monitoring can access through virtually and everything is available over the internet. In business or large organization, instead of investing new network infrastructure, using cloud hosting can reduce the hardware and software cost, training cost for new members and licensing cost of new software.

Cloud Hosting is the only architecture amended for large scale organization or individual to have an ability to provide stability and unrestricted outcome in future. There are several services out there which already implemented the cloud hosting. Such as Google, Dropbox, Microsoft windows live, etc.

Google start use its cloud hosting technology in Google Docs, where users can easily create online document and word processing. First of all, the service is absolutely free. Anyone can create spreadsheet and presentation within their own web browser, without installing any software on their computer.

For online backup and filling, Dropbox has created a first virtual place where user can store their personal file on cloud. Meanwhile, user can share their photo and personal documents with family and friend through this service.

There are several Cloud Hosting providers out there. AT&T provides it cloud hosting service called AT&T Synaptic Hosting to deliver high level network and security management. By using AT&T Synaptic Hosting service, user can get personalized support, enterprise level application monitoring as well as reporting.

Using Cloud Hosting provider, user can work in virtual environment where there is unlimited operating system, network connectivity, storage space and much processor power. Most cloud hosting providers offer additional services like database configuration, maintenance and patching of extra plug-in. As for specific customers or users, cloud hosting providers provide with dedicated hardware upon availabilities and request. All the services are guarantees by these big companies like AT&T, Amazon, Google and etc.

There are several disadvantages in cloud hosting which need to improve in future. These are some privacy and security issue, loss of control over internet, cost of usage and knowledge of API integration.

Current cloud hosting services are only in testing stages and need to ensure for more secure in future. For example like protection from viral infection and malware. Privacy is also important issue where the provider should not allow unauthorized access to end users data. In this case, level of encryption and secure password protection are needed.

The cost of implementing the cloud hosting services provider is still high when comparing with traditional technologies method. Not all the users or organization can familiar with knowledge of API integration at the moment. In some case, user might have some difficulty when dealing with cloud server.


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