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SymetriQ Cloud Hosting Review

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Overall Rating4.894.894.894.894.89

SymetriQ’s cloud platform has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of users who demand enterprise-level service, so you’ll find it has many features that differentiate it from other cloud providers:

  • Highly secure and robust Data Centres that are fully ISO9000 & ISO27001 compliant
  • Fully redundant power feeds and IP transits
  • Only Tier 1 Hardware is used in the SymetriQ Cloud
  • SymetriQ can guarantee the location of your data
  • Data Centres are on the N3 Network
  • All Data Centre staff are SC cleared
  • Granular Billing Engine allows accurate interdepartmental billing
  • Our GUI allows for the easy provisioning of complex enterprise level networks


  • Virtual data centre control panel
  • Full programmatic access (XML-RPC, REST, admin shell)
  • Utility based billing
  • Scaling of Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Clone virtual servers or entire virtual data centres
  • Built-in reseller interfaces
  • Detailed job logging & error reporting
  • Built-in KVM access
  • Supports Windows, Linux and OpenSolaris
  • Full 64-bit operating systems support
  • Use of customer own images
  • Summary:
    SymetriQ is a provider of cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).  In essence, they offer virtual server hosting on their UK-based infrastructure, which you can deploy in minutes to create your own virtual data centre. Specifically they provide you with the following services via our virtual servers and all are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, like utility billing:

    • Processing power
    • Memory
    • Storage
    • Bandwidth
    • Operating Systems (Windows, Solaris, Linux)
    With virtual servers offered via IaaS, you pay only for what you use and can scale up and down on demand. There is no minimum contract and you are free to run any application or service on these virtual servers, controlling them from a simple web interface.

    Click here to visit SymetriQ Cloud Hosting

    Reliability and Uptime:
    Build with Sun Hardware, Local and SAN Based Storage, Integrated Backup and Restore, Guarantee of Data Location, Government Level Security Datacentre.

    Customer Support:

    Phone support is available upon request.  CymetriQ cloud hosting offers email support via They endeavour to get back to you within 4 Hours. Customers are also urged to consult the forums for guidance on everyday issues.

    15 Day Trial for £1.00

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    Monday, May 24th, 2010
    Overall Rating4.364.364.364.364.36

    CariNet will train you on how to use and leverage 3tera’s ® AppLogic ™ Cloud OS to maximize your IT investment. The DEV Cloud Hosting platform enables you to optimize the software test and delivery cycle for greater agility and quality control in an environment of constant change. CariNet’s DEV Cloud Services will help you create a more productive, dynamic yet stable test environment by assessing your requirements and then providing a strategic road map to the scalable cloud solution tailored to exceed your needs.

    Your storage volume is automatically mirrored on at least two nodes in the grid at all times. It’s an automatic RAID-1 setup with no configuration or hassle on your part! If your server crashes, AppLogic will automatically restart it on another node, so any downtime is absolutely minimal. There are NO SETUP FEES – just a single fixed monthly cost, which will simply be prorated up or down if you need to change your Cloud Server size at any point during the month.

    Unlike a traditional server, this bandwidth is NOT just for data traffic between your application and the public! Since your hard drives are virtualized, network bandwidth is also used for all disk I/O. The limiting is performed in real time, so if the limit is reached, your application may simply slow down (especially if you are working with large files), but it will not stop working.

    Subscribers get five one-on-one training sessions covering the basic operation of an AppLogic virtual data center. The training will be tailored to and focused on your specific needs and current technology.  The On-Demand public cloud service (powered by AppLogic™) enables utility computing by building applications that are completely self-contained and fully scalable. The exact quantity of resources assigned to each instance of the application is entirely dependent on the users’ needs at any given time. The On-Demand cloud service gives the end user the unique ability to scale in any direction on-the-fly based on their specific needs at the time.

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    Reliability and Uptime:
    99.999% uptime guarantee on all dedicated servers each calendar year.

    • 1 or More Hours Downtime = 1 Day Credit
    • 4 or More Hours Downtime = 1 Week Credit

    Customer Support:
    Subscribers get five one-on-one training sessions covering the basic operation of an AppLogic virtual data center. The training will be tailored to and focused on your specific needs and current technology.  CariNet’s in-house technical support staff are ready to help 24×7×365. Our staff carry Cisco, Microsoft (MCSE), CCNA, CCIE, & A+ certifications in addition to years of technical support background and training.

    Call now for a price

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    Friday, May 14th, 2010
    Overall Rating4.

    Overview: hosting platform creates competitive advantage for you. cloud hosting can not compare their cloud hosting solution to other similar services, because at the time it was launched (January 20, 2010) there were no other providers on the European hosting market to run fully automated cPanel/WHM enabled cloud hosting service.

    Cloud Hosting

    Features: customers can move their websites and applications on the cloud risk-free, without any need to learn new technologies and to adapt to the Fuscan Linux Cloud andcPanel/WHM.  You always have enough disc space, data transfer and power in your hosting account and all the resources are guaranteed. cloud professionals can always allocate more SAN space, bandwidth or processor time if you need them.

    Summary: is not just a provider of Cloud Hosting, but is the only one on the market to offer cPanel/WHM enabled Cloud hosting. This does not mean separate virtual instances (vps), but a large load-balanced infrastructure that runs cPanel on top.

    Click here to visit Cloud Hosting

    Reliability and Uptime:
    When you host your websites on the the you can welcome hundred thousands or even millions of daily visitors on your websites. You will not have a service outage and will handle the load.

    Customer Support:
    24/7 Phone and ticket support.

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