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1SymetriQ Cloud Hosting Review4.564.564.564.564.56
2 Cloud Hosting Review4.354.354.354.354.35
3 Cloud Hosting Review4.
GoGrid Cloud Hosting Review4.
AirVM Cloud Hosting Review44444

The Cloud Saves Countless Businesses Time and Resources


Posted on 16th April 2013 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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There are plenty of reasons to include the cloud into your hosting solution. Take a look at the list of advantages and think “What’s gonna make the greatest difference to my bottom line?”

Cloud Hosting

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You just have to make a choice: what will relieve the most pain in my day-to-day life?

  • On-demand data-processing power?
  • Pay-for-what-you-use billing model?
  • Seamless resource scalability?
  • Fail-proof redundancy features?
  • The latest in hosting tech?
  • Or all of the above?

Once you know what’s going to be the greatest game-changer for your online presence, it’s time to make a switch to a full-fledged cloud solution or to acquire a mixed solution that will capitalize on the benefits of original dedicated hosting while using the elasticity of the cloud.

Thousands of major companies are redesigning their hosting solutions to incorporate the advantages listed above, which are currently the trademark features of the cloud. Don’t be left in the dark ages of hosting. Start saving time and money and call us today to see how NetHosting can reinvent the way you host.

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World Cloud Computing Leaders Announced in BSA Scorecard


Posted on 8th March 2013 by cloudhostingguy in About Cloud Hosting |Cloud Hosting |Web Hosting

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On March 7th, the software alliance group BSA released a scorecard on the world’s top twenty-four countries for cloud hosting. These countries were selected for being the biggest players in the world’s Information Technology market, making up about 80% of the entire market. The 24 countries were graded on their individual commitment to promoting cloud technologies within their own countries and globally.

Among the criteria that contribute to a nation’s overall “cloud climate,” according to the BSA, are: its attitude toward user privacy, free-trade, cybercrime, cybersecurity, and broadband network.

Chris Hopfensperger, who is the technology policy counsel at the BSA, critiqued the progress made since the release of last year’s global cloud-computing scorecard, calling it “patchy” but stating that the BSA remains hopeful that soon enough the good laws will eventually outnumber the bad ones that inhibit the expansion of reliable cloud hosting technologies.

Japan Wins Big in the Cloud Arena

For the 2nd year in a row, Japan has scored the #1 spot, being called the friendliest atmosphere for cloud development and enhancement in the world. The honor is attributed to the country’s dedication to user security and privacy, as well as its unyielding stance against cybercrime. Japan also has a growing rate of broadband acceptance that contributed to its high score.

Coming in at 2nd and 3rd were Australia and the US, respectively, after the US pushed Germany down to 4th from last year. The decision-makers at the BSA owed this ranking change to the fact that US-based cloud providers have made consistent developments in strengthening their cloud computing technologies. At this time, the ranking switch is not owed to new and better policies made by the government.

And the top 5 countries for cloud computing are…

  1. Japan
  2. Australia
  3. United States
  4. Germany
  5. Singapore

Germany’s drop to 4th is blamed on “potentially restrictive privacy laws, protectionist policies,” while Singapore leapt up five slots thanks in part to the release of a recent data privacy law that took effect since the previous scorecard was released in 2012.

The Not-So-Heavy Hitters

The 5 worst countries for cloud hosting providers are:

1. South Africa

2. Indonesia

3. Brazil

4. Thailand

5. Vietnam

The countries that tallied the lowest marks demonstrated a marked lack of anti-cybercrime policies, little to no participation or interest in global standardization of free cloud practices, nonexistent or insufficient free-trade legislation, and incomplete protocols for user and data security and privacy.

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Top Free Cloud Hosting Company


Posted on 7th February 2013 by rampton in Cloud Hosting

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We all want to know who the big boy on the block is, but what about the cheapest hosting company on the block.  I’ve been getting this a lot over the past couple weeks so I put together a post about it.  Who is the top free cloud hosting company in the World?

I polled 43k+ people to find out who is the top free hosting company in the world.  You can read about the full details on here.  Cool to note that our sister company actually made the list as #8.



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