What Is Cloud Hosting And How Does It Work?


Posted on 30th April 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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For the past few decades, web hosting in the technological world has undergone an enormous evolution to its current state. This has given birth to cloud hosting in the last few years. Cloud hosting has enabled the industry of hosting to boom changing its strategies and focus in technology today.

This has really moved the world to greater heights. Cloud hosting has become very marketable in the world today. It has boosted the availability of the services to many people.Cloud hosting has clearly simplified the lives of many people today.

Definition of cloud hosting:

The term cloud hosting can be referred to as an on-demand service with high-level availability. The provider of cloud hosting uses many servers to form a cluster, many disks, several memories and the CPUs.The cloud hosting provider is thus able to form clouds by using a combination of the items named here.

Cloud hosting is done with a view of using the web server for around an hour. After this time, you pay for it and then you go on with your other business. With cloud hosting, you just pay for the service as you use it and then leave it after. The cloud hosting service provider helps the clients to use a curve and be in a position of paying for it themselves for the duration of time they are engaged with the cloud hosting.

The cloud hosting clients are able to use the service and disconnect as soon as they have used enough.This enables the client to determine the time he is willing to use the cloud and also when he wants to use it. Cloud hosting is a great revolution in the web industry which has marked a great sign in the history of technology.

The Google cloud hosting:

Many people have asked the question of whether the Google application is part of cloud hosting. The answer is no. Google application is part of cloud computing. The Google application is more software than cloud hosting. Many people have confused cloud hosting with cloud computing. It should be known that the two cases are very different.

Cloud computing and cloud hosting. These terms are different and cannot be used interchangeably as many people will put it. There has been a lot of confusion in the world today regarding the different views of the two applications. Cloud hosting is very different from cloud computing.

On demand – what’s the meaning?

When we talk on demand as cloud computing is concerned we mean the following:

On demand simply means having the freedom and capability of going into the control panel and instantly creating a server. The specifications and the process of achieving the goal is also indicated and shown on the server.

There is also the freedom and ability to ease the server if you don’t require or need it. When the server is not being used,it is advisable to remove or delete it as it will attract some charges if you are using it. To stop the bill just keep away and don’t dare use it for any of the processes.

The on demand term also means that there is the ability of upgrading your server to make an addition of the resources. This is a great revolution in the technology industry.

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