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Dedicated Server Source UpdateWell, installation of the dedicated server source is not a tedious task. It requires simple steps and information. However, for the better operating system to the dedicated server sources it is important to update the sources regularly. Updating the source of the dedicated server is necessary because it will run the system according to the latest systems. The dedicated server source or DSS are usually used to host the online games. The online games are hosted through the accounts that are made on stream forums.

The stream game forums are online forums that allow the gamers or players to make game accounts to play variety of games. The stream accounts are mostly used for the game hosting. The source is actually a place, operating system or dedicated hosting server that controls the online games of this type. The servers can be used to host and play variety of games with different names. You can make the hosting server name on the name of game such as COD4 source. Remember, the dedicated server source will require regular updating processes for better hosting support. You have to think for it when installing new games that require more hosting support.

Download the important HLDS tools:

The game players should check the current setup of dedicated server source. To update the source dedicated server it is important to get the HLDS tool files. The people who already have these files can install them for ease otherwise tension is not required because there are lots of sources to download the update HLDS tool. These updating tools will make a base for the source dedicated server update. The people who have source dedicated server for the games can arrange the updating tools easily by using there previous experience. The HLDS updates should be installed in the computer system to prepare the dedicated server source for updating.

Start program accessories:

The installed updating tools will again configured by accessing the computer system. It will require you to open the computer program or windows files. The executable files of the HLDS tool will require configurations. You have to run these files to update the server. The installation application will come in front to complete the setup because by command prompt. The command prompt will be managed opening the program files containing HLDS files. The program accessories should be touched carefully because there will be other files of windows important for the computer system.

Game codes and quotations:

The updating process of source dedicated server will require the game codes and quotations in last. The codes and quotations should be appropriate for the game types. For example if you are inserting the codes for the COD4 then all the codes and quotations should be related to this game. While inserting the codes and quotations care should be taken because inserting wrong codes again and again will break up the server connection. That’s why confirm the codes well before you insert them. The source dedicated server is now ready for use in an updated form.

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