Simple Steps To Install Dedicated Server For COD4


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Install Dedicated ServerAs you know the gaming dedicated hosting servers are getting popularity. The popularity of the online games and gaming servers is growing because of immense attention and interests of the game players. The online games allow the users to enjoy the latest game features that are not available in the markets. The game servers are used for the game play that’s why it is important to have a good dedicated server for the online games.

You might be familiar with the recent games such as call of duty and person shooter. Such online games are interesting and amazing because of luxurious features and video game graphics. These games are groups as EA games. Most of the EA games are available in the markets such as Soccer, football world cup etc. As a matter of fact these games require a fully enabled dedicated server. How to make a dedicated server for the EA games especially for the COD4? COD4 is an abbreviation of call of duty 4th edition or version. Let’s see how this installation works and what it requires.

Install the copy of COD4:

First of all the setup of this game should be in your computer. If you don’t have this setup then downloads it from internet. Save the copy Call of Duty 4 on the desktop of your computer. Start the installation of game setup by double clicking on the file. Select the default or custom settings and wait for few minutes until the installation completes. Once the installation is completed click the finish button to close the installation wizard.

Browse your C:/ programs:

The actual process to set the dedicated server for this game starts after the installation of game copy on the computer. Open the C program files and find the backup copy of call of duty 4. Remember, the computer windows save a copy of all installed programs in “program” folder so you can locate the call of duty backup file carefully. Pick the file folder and shift it in your dedicated server. To transfer the files of call of duty you will need some programs. The best program to shift the files is FTP. By using the FTP program you can shift all the files of call of duty 4 on the dedicated server.

COD4 shortcuts:

Make shortcut folders for the call of duty. These short cut folders will be used to save the files of COD4. After saving the files in the shortcut folder click on the “exe” file. A new window will come and ask you to select the options. Select the properties and click on the button of “Target” where a dialog box will be present. In this dialog box you will add the required information related to the folder destination.

Download and run punkbuster files:

The punkbuster files or setups are required to add the game. The setup can easily be downloaded from internet. Install this setup and choose the COD4 server. The system will request you to locate the COD4 file. Locate this file and click ok to run the dedicated server.

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