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Posted on 3rd August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Sources told CNet that if ‘in the cloud’ music features from Apple are released in the next few months, they will probably be “modest in scope,” rather than more robust offerings as previously rumored.

As most of Best Cloud Server readers know, huge speculation about the possibility of an iTunes streaming service has been rumoring around the web for the past year. There have even been huge rumors and people going on the record saying things.  In January, one music industry veteran went on record saying that an upcoming version of iTunes would make users’ iTunes libraries “available from any browser or net connected ipod/touch/tablet.”  Though we don’t know if this is true, it would be amazing and I certainly think it’s very possible.

Although CNet claims that causes for the delay remain unclear, licensing issues and personnel changes may be a large part of the problem. According to the report, Apple “still hasn’t obtained the licenses needed to store or distribute music from the cloud.”  I think that is going to be their problem for the rest of time.  Licensing issues are always going to be coming up.  They haven’t even talked about cloud server security yet.  That’s a road that we’ll have to conquer another day.

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