Some Reasons Why Businesses Should Switch to the Cloud


Posted on 3rd October 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

Most business, no matter how large or small, use computers in their operation every day. In many cases these computers are connected to each other via a network. The main computer on such a network, the server, is quite an expensive acquisition. Its cost and some of its other characteristics are important reasons why businesses should switch to the cloud.

Servers are usually only available in predefined configurations. A business might find that the lowest server configuration available is far too advanced for their needs. They are forced to make the purchase, which is a total overkill in terms of expenditure and resources. Cloud computing is a perfect option in these conditions. As a business, you will only be charged for the amount of resources you require.

Information is an extremely valuable asset for any business. They often need to spend huge amounts of money to ensure its safe-keeping and on back-up services. When they make use of cloud computing services, the service provider will take care of all necessary procedures. As an added benefit, all of the information will be kept off-site. This is a big advantage, especially in the case where the business location is under threat for whatever reason.

Businesses find themselves on a global platform. Employees and owners often have to travel to various locations in the interest of duty. They often are in situations where they need to access information from their business network. If the network was hosted on a cloud, it would be accesible from any computer with a connection to the Internet.

Software is another important facet that makes cloud computing an extremely attractive option. When a business has a LAN and a fixed server, they are required to purchase a group license. The cost of such licenses depend on the number of users who need to have access to the software. With cloud computing, the service provider often includes access to the software you need at a much cheaper rate than site licensing.

As a business evolves there is also a degree of expansion. This will mean an increase in computing and server resources. Such an upgrade to an existing network can be quite expensive and may even require some down-time When your business uses a cloud, the service provider will be able to add the additional resources at a fraction of the price. There will also be no down-time while the upgrade is in progress.

Many businesses cannot afford any down-time because of server malfunction. This can often be extremely costly or can even ruin an operation. Cloud computing offers a total different set of conditions during a break-down situation. The cloud services are offered by more than one server. When one of them breaks, the others will carry the burden while it is being repaired without any interruption of services.

There are a number of important reasons why businesses should switch to the cloud. It is a great price saver and relieves a business of the many routine LAN related tasks. Personnel will be able to access their information no matter where they are.


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