Cloud Server Hosting Vs Dedicated Server Hosting


Posted on 30th May 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Internet today is getting highly populated with new websites. In the early days, websites were costly and hard to setup and because of this reason, many companies kept away from owning a website. However, today, the growth of technology beyond imagination has made it possible for anyone to own a website without a great deal of spending.

The domain name services and even the hosting services have become rather cheap and more efficient. There are so many hosting service providers available today and there are also a wide variety of web hosting types. Two of the most popular and most used ones by the website development professionals today are the cloud server hosting and dedicated server hosting.

In the minds of website owners, there is a sufficient amount of confusion about whether to choose for cloud server hosting services or the dedicated server hosting. With the kind of growth cloud hosting is showing it is quite obvious that cloud hosting is the technology of tomorrow. Since people are starting to realize this, cloud computing and hosting is also becoming so much popular in the computer industry. However, dedicated server hosting is something which has been around for some time and people have still got belief in this type of server hosting too.

So, what actually is cloud hosting? Cloud hosting is the technology where the website that is hosted on the cloud is distributed along the many servers available in the cloud. The website will be manageable by the administrator and whenever the need of some extra resources comes, the administrator or the website owner can ask for more. This is one of the great advantages of cloud hosting services. Along with this, the almost 100% uptime is also considered as an advantage of cloud hosting.

Dedicated website hosting is also very much similar to the cloud hosting service when it comes to the popularity. Almost all of the big companies are using dedicated web hosting service because of the extent of features dedicated web hosting services provide the customers. In dedicated website hosting service, unlike the cloud hosting service, there will be only one hosting server available and all the resources which are available with the hosting server will be allocated to a particular website.

This makes the website so much efficient and easy to work with. When additional resources are needed for the website the server itself can be upgraded to get more efficiency out of the website. Dedicated website hosting is very much popular among the large companies, but is quite expensive to deal own. Since the company is renting or leasing out an entire server, it will be much costlier than cloud hosting services.

In cloud hosting services, the resources that are available to the company are spread across different servers and it is the same with the data that is stored on the website. Cloud hosting is a great choice of service for small scale and medium businesses. However, for large business solutions, dedicated server hosting still tops the list because of the great benefits that it offers to the company.

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