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As a matter of fact the online games are being important because of new features and high online graphics support. Among the popular online games the “Counter strike” is very popular. This game is related to the wars and soldiers. As a game, counter strike uses the dedicated server for the operating system. How to make a dedicated server for counter strike?

A source counter strike is needed to run a compatible dedicated server. The dedicated server source can be used and operated by the people who host own servers. For the operating system of windows there are some important steps. These operating steps usually help the players to set the dedicated server for the counter strike so it means it is not difficult. However, some commands and codes are required to set up the dedicated server for this online game. Some experience and previous knowledge is also required to set up the dedicated server for this game.

Do you have stream accounts?

Stream accounts are used to play this game. These are the accounts that can be used by the people who host the servers. However, there is a problem that game players can’t use a single stream account both for hosting and playing. It means that separate stream accounts are required for the hosting and game play. If you have a stream account then you can’t join the game play if this account is hosting the server.

Therefore, the players must have separate stream accounts for game play and server hosting. Remember, the games are not required on your account if the stream accounts are operating the hosting systems. So the final conclusion is that players should have two stream accounts.

Download dedicated server source:

With two stream accounts you can proceed to download the source of dedicated server. The download process will start by finding the sites where this dedicated server is available. Check the tools options on the websites and find dedicated server source. If it is present then click over it to start download process. Never allow the pop ups and other additional software to download with the dedicated server.

Find the source and enter the install game button to start the installation of game. For your ease it is suggested to rename the folder. You can give it any name according to your ideas. The server will require the number of players on it. You have to select numbers of players as much as you can at a time. To make your server VAC secured you have to select a password. Start the server to open another screen of window.

Learn the server basics:

Once the dedicated server for the counter strike is finished you have to learn about it. Learn about the main menu of the game, maps and names of map cycles. There will two options named “configure” and “ban” that will used to add and remove the players of this game from the dedicated server. Console tab is also important because it gives you authority to console the game.

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