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Half life game add-ons have got many modifications and changes. It is now very important for the players to have compatible hosting servers to support the game add-ones.  Because of the immense popularity of this game it has become important for the crazy gamers or players to have their own game servers to play this game that allow the players to play physics engines.

The physics engines are basically allow the players to control the items and features that interact with each others. For the setting of this dedicated server you must remember the Gary’s Mod. What is Gary’s Mod? It is a popular half life online game add-one. Before to start installation or settings it is necessary to find the basic components and software required for the installation or dedicated server setting for Gary’s Mod.

HLDS update devices:

For the setting and installation of dedicated server for Gary’s Mod it is important to have HLDS. HLDS is actually a game version or application. It will be downloaded from online sites. You have to locate the online sources to download this tool. In fact it is very important to download the updates of HLDS. Remember, when downloading this updating tool you should place it in a safer place in your computer drives.

Don’t download it in the space of C drive because there are risks of Windows corruption and damage. Take care and download the latest versions but if verified by previous downloader. It will save your time because reviewed downloading will not contain any virus or fake files. If you have downloaded the HLDS successfully then prepare for next step.

Dedicated server command prompt:

After the completion of HLDS tool downloading you should check the files and folders downloaded with this updating tool. Many suppliers attach additional files, add-ons and toolbars with downloads so you have to remove these additional files carefully. After removing scan the file with a good antivirus if all files are original and virus free then open the control prompt or command prompt. A new wizard will appear requiring some codes. Type the codes without quotes (c:/srcd) and click the next button. The wizard will move you towards a new process. It will be a folder where updates of HLDS tool will be installed.

Make a batch folder:

Once you have completed the installation of the tools you will be required to make a batch folder. This folder will store the settings and files of Gary’s Mod. Anyhow, your dedicated server for the Gray’ Mod is ready to work. The batch folder of Gary’s Mod will control the all the functions and settings on your computer.

Start the Gary’s dedicated server:

Now your computer is ready to support the dedicated server so start the Gary’s Mod and find it in the list of the server. Always make a unique and prominent name for your server. It will help you to manage the operations and to recognize the folder easily you made for the dedicated server of this game.

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