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Making a dedicated server is a step by step process. You need basic knowledge and information necessary to manage and repair the computer systems to install the basic operating systems required for the dedicated servers. You are well familiar with the maintenance of the motherboards of the computer systems so there will be no problem to initially prepare the motherboard for the setting of a dedicated server. In order to have more information about the basic operating systems of dedicated servers you should find the basic components of the operating system.

Prepare the motherboards for the operating systems:

If you are setting the dedicated operating system for the first time then you will start it from the motherboards. Detach the motherboard and insert the processor of required capacity. It is important to have more attention when inserting the processors and memories in the slots. If you have done the preparation of the motherboards then plug the cables to check if all components are working in a good order. After that you have to find the operating system that is best for you.

Installing basic operating system:

Installation of the operating system will require CD or DVD ROM. These are basic parts of any computer so these will be present in your computer. Remember, when you are going to install the operating system the CD or DVD ROMs should be plugged in with the motherboard. Now it is time to install the operating system so turn the server system on. If the server is working good then insert operating system in the CD or DVD ROMs. Restart the system and wait for few seconds. The system will show you a message in start.

This message will be a request or permission to start the installation process. You will be requested to press any key to continue the installation process. The message will appear on the window screen. The windows XP usually shows the message to start the process but this message stays on the screen just for few seconds so press any key to start the process otherwise system will start normal Windows startup.

The people who are using Linux will not see this message because this operating system starts the installation on its own. Whatever the computer operating system you are using there should be ease and comfort for you.

Follow the essential steps:

The system after starting installation will give you numerous options related to different systems such as language settings. There will be a wizard that will ask your preferences. You have to choose the right options in this wizard. The wizard will need some information for the registration of the operating system. Provide this information and click next to proceed.

The most important point will come when the wizard will ask about your network connections and administration. This information is mostly provided by the administrators so contact with your hosting administrators. You have to give information where you will use your server to complete the installation of the basic operating system.

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