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Posted on 21st June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Dell’s (DELL) lack of good press these days centers around what could be considered a tired game of “me too” in the consumer electronics business combined with the relatively banal business of corporate IT. Even so, the Round Rock, Tex., company has its head in the clouds in a good way.

Dell’s bet in the clouds is part of a strategy to revive its stock price from the doldrums of sub-$20s it has languished in for years. While keeping its status quo in the PC and server business — and losing some of its shirt to HP (HPQ) and Acer — the company needs to lead in a hit area. Selling a billion or so in goods for high-end server farms specifically targeting the delivery and interaction of high-tech games to game addicts seems like a great area to target.

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