Comparison Between Cloud Hosting And Other Types Of Hosting


Posted on 2nd March 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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It is reported that cloud hosting is better and resilient than shared hosting. The self and free hosting may be problematic and harmful instead the cloud hosting is reliable and safe from any type of harm and danger. Cloud hosting always provide optimized performance to the clients. The list of features of this type of hosting is very long.

The hosting is very important and necessary for each website and blog because it provides space and power to websites. Similarly the hosting service also provides access to internet source. Therefore if you want to have a lot of benefits and advantages from website then hosting service is compulsory for this purpose.

The hosting service provides access to internet source and the user can upload his necessary data and files on his website or blog. There are present and available a large no of packages of hosting services. Therefore the selection of a best type of hosting service is also an important factor. The choice of hosting service depends upon several factors like budget, space, purpose of website and programs. Therefore if you are going to purchase any type of hosting service for your self then consider these factors and points in your mind.

Types of web hosting

There are several types of web hosting services but some important and more common types of web hosting are listed below

  • Shared  hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Free hosting
  • grid hosting
  • virtual private server
  • dedicated server

These are the most important and latest types of web hosting. The characteristics, features and cost of each type of hosting are different from others. Therefore if you want to select a best type of hosting for your self then you need to make a search about the features of these hosting services.

If you want to use website for academic purpose then free hosting is best similarly for small scale business the shared hosting is far best. If you are a company holder then grid hosting service is better for you. The grid hosting is also called the cloud hosting and this type of service use a network of several computer servers. You can make your documents and files safe if you are using cloud service.

Grid hosting service

Cloud hosting is also called the grid hosting in the world. In the cloud hosting hundreds of computer servers work together in the form of a network. Therefore they make a big server. The main objective of using the network of servers is to provide regular service to the user. Therefore this hosting service is best of all because it provides reliable and best service. If you want to have best and superior results then grid hosting service can help you.

Cost of cloud hosting

The price and cost of cloud hosting is different for various packages and programs. Similarly this cost also varies with type of company and the space used by the user. Therefore the cost depends upon the user completely.

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