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Posted on 29th February 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is operating the website on various connected servers at one time. Cloud is a massive computer infrastructure that covers a lot of resources made available to the user. Google operations are the perfect example of Cloud Hosting where numerous websites are working on different servers at the same time. Cloud Hosting makes the processing power really fast due to availability of scaled up operations of various servers.
Resources of Cloud Hosting
CPU, memory, bandwidth and IOps are the cloud hosting resources. CPU capacities are scaled up and memory storage is enhanced by using the benefits of cloud servers. Many cloud based applications need not require separate resources and these can easily be accessed through web browsers.
Features of Cloud Hosting
These include agility- ability to re-distribute the resources, independence – end users may be located anywhere irrespective of the location where resources are stored, scalability – use of shared resources increases the elasticity of the supply of resources irrespective of the peak loads, safety- use of shared resources makes disaster recovery an easy task. Easy maintenance, virtualization and location independence are some of the desirable features.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting has made the web browsing a fun experience. Peak loads do not deter the speed of computation anymore. Centralization of data and ability to re-provision the resource system has increased the capacity of the computing in every sense. Cost-effectiveness is the biggest advantage. Since infrastructure need not be installed separately for every system, the capital expenditure is reduced tremendously. Only operational costs are to be taken care of. Cloud hosting has provided a more meaningful approach to the web hosting. Internet is now metaphorically termed as cloud. End-user laptops and desktops need not worry about the resources as these are centrally stored in a remote location providing the feeling to the user as if they were installed locally on the system.

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