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Posted on 26th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting company Memset this morning announced that it has agreed to acquire URL shortening service  I really have no clue what a cloud hosting/cloud server company would want to do with a URL shortner company, do you?  What are your thoughts?

Kate Craig-Wood, Managing Director of Memset, explained the rational behind the acquisition: “I love and use it a lot, and have often worried about a service like that failing or being bought and monetised. As a cloud provider, we have huge amounts of compute resource and bandwidth, so it was a good match for us. The costs are relatively small, and it also makes a great showcase for our network and hardware performance.”

I still don’t understand why a hosting company would do this…  It sure sounds like an inside deal. What does everyone else think?  I love shortening services like because of their stats, but this one doesn’t offer anything as far as I can tell.  Thoughts?

Full Cloud Hosting URL Shortener Article – Tech Crunch ( I love them)

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