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Posted on 2nd May 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Website hosting services are available today in large numbers. Most of these service providers use typical methods of website hosting. Cloud hosting is a new technology which is gripping the web hosting service industry tightly. Although cloud computing is not a new technology, it is still in the growing stages with people beginning to understand the benefits and importance.

For people who are thinking about making a good quality website for tomorrow’s world, cloud hosting is the right technology to choose. If you are looking to find a real time example of cloud hosting, there is possibly no better example than Google itself.

There are many types of hosting services available today. Shared website hosting service, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting etc are all favorites of people at different level. One can say that cloud hosting is most similar to that of the existing shared hosting services. While the concept remains almost the same, the way it is done and the method in which it performs is completely different.

In shared web hosting, the resources from a single web hosting server were divided between the websites hosted at the server. When it comes to cloud hosting, things are little bit different. Here, different websites hosted on the cloud are still dividing and using the resources. However, the could refers not to a single web hosting server, but a group of hosting servers. Cloud hosting is known to be more efficient and effective than any other type available today.

When viewed from the hosting service provider’s point, cloud hosting is much more profitable for them too. Using cloud hosting technology, the service providers can host more number of websites than they were able to in the past and that too by providing better benefits to the customers. There is a lesser need for hardware and maintenance costs. This in turn reflects in the overall pricing of the cloud hosting packages. The service charges you money based on the amount of resource that you utilize from the service provider.

At any point of time during the hosting period, if the website needs more resources to function, the owner can ask for it to the service provider. For example, there could be times when the allocated bandwidth is not sufficient because of the increasing traffic. When this happens, you can demand for some extra bandwidth to meet the current requirement. This also eliminates the need to transfer or move your website from one hosting service provider to another, which was quite a hectic task.

Every cloud hosting service provider can also promise availability of website data at any time. Files and data regarding the website are stored in more than one server. Even if a server fails to function at any given time, the other servers will take up the job and keep the website rolling. Many website owners are somewhat reluctant to go for cloud hosting only because of one factor and that is security. Security has been an issue with cloud hosting and experts are still trying to increase the level of security provided for the cloud hosting services.

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