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Posted on 21st July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Yes, you heard that correct.  There is a billion dollar cloud data center being built right now!  And this huge data center should be completed by the end of the year according to Peter Oppenheimer.

During Apple’s Q3 2010 earnings call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer fielded a question about the massive data center Apple is currently building in Maiden, North Carolina. The reporter wanted to know how it was coming, and if there were any updates? “It’s on-schedule,” Oppenheimer quickly said. “We expect it completed by the end of the calendar year,” he continued, noting that it should be fully operational after that.

In a statement about the cloud server facility Apple said: “The facility will provide Apple with a major East Coast infrastructure hub to support its iTune music store and iPhone app store.” But again,this thing is something like 500,000 square feet. That’s about five times the size of Apple’s other regional data centers. Instead, might this be the central hub of Apple’s often-rumored iTunes-in-the-cloud offering?

This Apple cloud data center is huge.  They have said it’s mainly for mobleme but I’m not buying it.  Look at how massive it is in comparison with other data centers across the world.  Do you think this will be the central hub for Apple cloud computing?  Here is a video of the massive rumored Apple cloud data center.

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