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Posted on 17th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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YouTube turns five years old today. Did you know that there is 2 billion views a day. 2,000,000,000. As Google points out, that is significantly more traffic than US broadcast television networks get, although Americans continue to watch much more television than YouTube in total hours. YouTube, now by far the most popular Internet destination for video, will mark that anniversary today by announcing its traffic has exceeded 2 billion daily views.

The site, created by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, became a cultural phenomenon nearly overnight, drawing 8 million daily views. Youtube is now owned by Google. A Citigroup analyst predicted that YouTube could generate $945 million in revenue this year and Google executives have said the video site is nearing profitability. Youtube hosting has to be through the roof. Youtube cloud hosting is the true question? Is YouTube hosted in the cloud? What are your thoughts on this matter? With most of Googles products in the cloud such as Gmail cloud hosting, buzz cloud hosting, and other google applications that are all hosted in the cloud.

What are your thoughts? Is YouTube hosted in the cloud? Would it be better to host YouTube in the cloud?

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