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Posted on 6th October 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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XyberSecure has joined Rackspace Hosting’s Cloud Tools Program to provide XyberSecure’s XyberShield, a behavior based, real time web application security software as a service (SaaS).  This will help cloud hosting customers meet mandatory PCI-DSS and web security requirements at Rackspace Cloud.

“We are excited to have XyberSecure develop on top of The Rackspace Cloud and offer XyberShield through the Rackspace Cloud Tools Program,” said Nishan Sivathasan, director of corporate development for Rackspace. “XyberSecure’s XyberShield helps to enable its users to implement security applications to meet compliance policies and protect their environments, which we think is a great tool to make available to cloud customers.”

“For the past several years, our Fortune 500 customers have relied on us for the latest in web application protection,” said Rick Maharaj, XyberSecure’s Chief Technology Officer. “Many of our current users utilize shopping carts within their websites and need to meet PCI-DSS 6.6 compliance. Others just require real-time protection from the most common cyber-attacks. With our service available through the Rackspace Cloud Tools program, all Rackspace customers can quickly set up our robust security system to protect their web applications.”

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