Why Did Amazon Cloud Servers Go Down

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Posted on 25th April 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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If you don’t know that the Amazon Cloud is out of commission by now then you probably don’t use services like:  Foursquare, Redit, Cydia and many other large organizations that depend on their websites being up. The outages began April 21, and persisted through April 24, when Amazon began reporting progress restoring the affected storage volumes.  Some website today on the 25th seem to still not be online yet.  It’s pretty sad.

Amazon Stated, “As we posted last night (24th), EBS [Elastic Block Storage] is now operating normally for all APIs and recovered EBS volumes,” Amazon wrote in a status update to its cloud-services page. “The vast majority of affected volumes have now been recovered. We’re in the process of contacting a limited number of customers who have EBS volumes that have not yet recovered and will continue to work hard on restoring these remaining volumes.”

“If you believe you are still having issues related to this event and we have not contacted you tonight, please contact us here,” Amazon added. “In the ‘Service’ field, please select Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. In the description field, please list the instance and volume IDs and describe the issue you’re experiencing.

“We are digging deeply into the root causes of this event and will post a detailed post mortem,” Amazon added.

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