Why Cloud Hosting Is Good For Large Businesses?


Posted on 1st October 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Why Cloud hosting is good for Large Businesses?

Cloud hosting is generally good for large businesses; Top promoters of cloud hosting are Google! and IBM. Most large companies now a day believed that cloud hosting offers instant power and reliability when it comes in online business.

Website that is hosted on dedicated servers and shared hosting sites, once the traffic increases, they have encountered server crashing or overloading which are not happening in cloud hosting.

In cloud hosting, you have an option to instantly increase and decrease the amount of resources that are allocated to your site. Once you noticed your current site hosted by the cloud is being overloaded, you will have an option to quickly add additional GB of RAM and processing chores instantly and hassle-free. In doing this, you will pay for the time you consume in using more resources, but once the traffic has leveled off, you have an option to cut back the amount of resources from the previous amounts and that option is one of the amazing unique features of cloud hosting.

Scalability and Reliability

The biggest beneficial factor of cloud hosting in large businesses is its scalability and reliability.

Cloud hosting is scalable because you can adjust and balance in an instant the amount of resources (metered) that you need then pay for them just like paying your housing utility – electric bills, water bills, etc., Moreover, you don’t need to consume more time and effort to move and set up the database into new machines over and over again because the cloud hosting has its own data center that has a very high amount of machine processing and powering so you don’t have to worry for server crashing.

The second beneficial factor is its reliability; with cloud hosting you don’t have to worry if your hard drive fails because your data is stored, still intact, and retrievable online anytime in a cloud database.

Downtime is reduced

Even a web server has a bunch of technological aspect. Even though they are built by giant company like Microsoft and Dell, they still have unwanted condition – prone to crash.

When your server is crashed or down, your website would not be available to the customer, when that happens, you will probably loose large amount of sale’s business profits; down servers usually occur when it deals with a high level of site traffic then becomes overloaded, which might results to shutting down.

However, different situation may occur in a cloud hosting network; with cloud hosting, you can be able to prevent server crashing and you will have an option to instantly and easily add or take out additional resources like GB and RAM and keep your website up even it is running on high level of site traffic.

Cloud hosting platform is now patronizing by some large scale and international businesses. It is now become outstanding and competitive advantageous solution which gives an opportunity to have very high scalable service and reliability that is proven to be the major factors in bigger companies.

Larger businesses proves that cloud hosting promised high and strong reliability, guarantees strong performance and 24/7 technical cloud hosting support. So, if you want your business to continuously grow larger, hassle-free and conveniently, it is better to choose cloud hosting rather than using multiple dedicated servers that are prone to server crashing.

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