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Posted on 25th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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SugarSync is one of several companies competing these in the cloud server arena.  SugarSync reported in the past year, the amount of data added to the SugarSync data centers went from an average of 1 terabyte of data to 5 terabytes of information. In total, the company now hosts two petaybtes of information.  That’s a ton of info.

ReadWriteCloud channel said “Services like SugarSync serve in many ways as personal clouds that people use for their own work. They seem like plain vanilla services but that as well is the benefit the services provide. They are very simple to use. Data is automatically backed up to the cloud.”  Later stating  “Services like SugarSync show how the data we create will become part of a personal cloud network. These services lay the ground work for a new generation of personal and business offerings that work with users to create data as a service opportunities.”

The will certainly be a big player in the cloud server arena.  Check out full cloud server SugarSync article.

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