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Posted on 4th November 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

These days, the OVA (Open Visualization Alliance) registers more and more members. This alliance represents a consortium that intends to foster the adoption of the open-visualization technologies, such as KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine). Obviously, the companies that join this alliance also focus on web hosting solutions and cloud computing.

The truth is that the KVM technology only exists inside the OVA. This technology ensures some unique benefits that can help any company to build different cloud deployments. For getting the best alternatives, the companies must also consider the freedom and costs, which represent some truly important criteria in choosing a virtual solution. Due to the advantages that come along with KVM, the alliance has gained popularity, which is continuously increasing the number of its participants.

About 50% of the OVA members are interested especially in cloud computing. The key attributes of cloud computing are virtualization, reliability, flexibility and efficiency. Obviously, the cloud computing services must provide their end users all these features. And a truly important thing is that by simply supporting the KVM and virtualization, most cloud computing companies are able to reduce their costs and increase the KVM density, while hardening security and improving performance.

Currently, the popularity of the OVA is growing especially in Latin America and Asia-Pacific area. The reason for this is that these areas are formed from different businesses, which can maintain a fast growing pace. Moreover, these businesses are able to scale all of their operations with small investments. The truth is that the growth of the OVA shows the interest of the individual web hosting companies in getting the new KVM technologies.

Additionally, the KVM has a truly great potential in emerging the markets, which can definitely convince the web hosting companies to join their efforts in order to achieve their common goals.

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