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Posted on 20th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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At the moment I am watching VirtualArk’s tech person talking about outsourced cloud hosting and having the right processes to make everything work.  Why would you ever pay for hosting year round as a chocolate maker if you are only using it around Easter.  Everything is a trade off.  Price change in cloud computing is huge.  Before you were only allowed to have service levels that were standard.  Now with cloud computing you are flexible in whatever you choose to do.  They estimate that cloud computing is 40% cheaper to pay for then traditional dedicated hosting.

Virtaual Ark is 3rd party outsourced services to work with 3rd generation Sas enabled applications.  No infrastructure,  all applications are pay as you use.

Virtual Ark provides SaaS enablement of Fortune 1000 Cloud Enterprise Applications on existing Clouds. We deliver a comprehensive managed service to end customers with consumption based pricing and partner with Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to bring these solutions to market internationally.

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