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Posted on 5th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Would you like to sell your own cloud servers?  Would you like to be a big player in the cloud industry?  Now you can be a cloud hosting provider with Cloud.com’s CloudStack.  Cloud.com‘s open source CloudStack software makes it easy for just about anyone to get into the cloud provider business.  You can be jo-schmo and still do this.

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Here is a couple questions that I have:

  1. Is anyone currently using this service?
  2. Is it working?
  3. What are it’s limitations?
  4. What are the long term costs?
  5. Say I’m not the techy type of guy… cloud I put this together and make it work?

These are a couple of the questions that I have.  I am not an expert at cloud hosting nor think I ever will be.  I love writing articles about cloud servers and cloud hosting platforms and giving the latest cloud hosting news for everyone to read.  I also love to give people up to date reviews on all the new cloud hosting platforms out there so you will know which will be the best to choose when you set up your website in the cloud.  Do you think a guy like me could set this up on cloud.com’s platform?

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