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This is an Interview with Xsigo CEO Lloyd Carney by Elias Khnaser

Elias Khnaser: I’d like to start out by getting a little bit of background on you. What were you doing prior to Xsigo?

Carney: Let’s see.  I was fortunate enough to be a part of two startups before this one.  I was also Chief Operating Officer for Juniper Networks. I was Chairman/CEO of Micromuse that was sold to IBM about three or four years ago. I was running my own venture firm and then about two and a half years ago I joined Xsigo.  The Xsigo founder – Kenton Murphy, ran all development for me at Juniper.  I’ve been in technology my entire professional career.

I’m curious, how did the Xsigo come to be? Does it mean anything?

Well, it was trying to find a domain name that we didn’t have to pay a ridiculous fee for, and we went down the alphabet, you know every word in Webster’s dictionary has been domain named.  So we made one up – it means nothing.

One of the things that constantly comes up is how do you pronounce the name Xsigo? Some say See- Go, others use Sy-Go, and then you have the X-I-Go. Can you clarify it for us once and for all?

The correct pronunciation is see-go.

How is Xsigo Funded?

Our major funders are Kleiner Perkins, Khosla Ventures, Greylock, North Bridge Ventures.

So you guys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon?

We’re well-funded, solid investor base, and you know, on our cart business plan we get to profitability and we still have about $20 million in the bank.

So I know there’s a big announcement that you want to make today, but before we get into that can you give me a brief description of what it is that Xsigo does?

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