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Posted on 15th June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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VMware announced that it has been proclaimed the leader in the Server Virtualization space by the U.S.-based research firm, Gartner Inc.  I love how they announced themselves that they were on top!

Gartner placed VMware in the “Leader” quadrant of its Magic Quadrant, for the company’s contribution toward x86 server virtualization infrastructure.VMware launched its x86 virtualization technology to help programers to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on an x86 computer.

According to IDC, enterprise server cloud computing will grow from an $8.4 billion market in 2010, representing over 600,000 units, to a $12.6 billion market in 2014 with over 1.3 million units. We expect VMware to benefit from this exponential growth with the help of contributions from SpringSource.

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