VMware Name the Leader in Server Virtualization by Gartner


Posted on 11th June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Gartner announced that its research shows VMware is the leader in server virtualization. Its x86 server virtualization has proved to be among the best in the industry in customer satisfaction, overall performance and financial value.

“Since pioneering virtualization for x86 systems 10 years ago, VMware has helped thousands of customers reduce IT complexity to achieve new levels of efficiency, service and value,” said Rick Jackson, chief marketing officer, at VMware.

x86 servers are the foundation for two major trends in global IT – cloud computing and sever modernization. Companies continue to expand their investment in cloud computing and cloud servers. VMware developments have made the products both reliable and affordable, especially for smaller businesses. With countless IT executives still apprehensive about outsourcing IT services, it’s vitally important that vendors provide products that can assuage those concerns.

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