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Posted on 30th July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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I see Virtual Credits as being one of the next big things.  Social Currency/Virtual Credits is the talk of all the major platforms, it’s like free money for them where they can provide virtual goods to clients and make money off them.  Crazy that people would pay for that but I guess we all have bought something stupid at one time or another.

In the preliminary model, the user accesses the social cloud through a service like Facebook. The resources are made available in online marketplaces. According to IEEE Spectrum, users acquire resources by exchanging virtual credits.

Here’s the catch. The researchers say for it to work you cannot buy additional credits. They can only be earned through participation. It’s a virtual economy and it acts as an internal control. The goal being to share resources and prevent overuse.

How easy would it be to store virtual credits on a cloud hosting model?  All you would have to do is have it call on the same image for each instance that it’s called upon.  You could sell a Virtual Good for $10 to 2000 people and virtually have to use ZERO SPACE on your virtual credits cloud server.  Seems like a cheat but many companies are moving to the virtual goods cloud hosting model.   People love their virtual goods and as long as that is still going on, their will be profiteering in that sector!

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