Up’s and Down’s of Cloud Hosting


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‘Why use cloud hosting?’ is a common question. Many people are wary of any new fad on the internet because of the many rip-offs that have occurred. But cloud hosting is something that you should seriously consider.

So why use cloud hosting? Let’s look at the following reasons.

Firstly cloud hosting can be used to store all sorts of apps and information. This means that you don’t have to have a huge storage capacity on your computer or keep upgrading your hardware to the latest model.

Secondly while on the subject of hardware you can use almost any device to access the cloud host. So you can use your laptop, your tablet, a smartphone and of course your big old trusty pc. This is a huge advantage because it means that your information is as mobile as you are. You are no longer reliant on only one piece of hardware to access all your info; you can use any of your web connected devices.

The next stop on the way to answering your question on why use cloud hosting is security. To begin with cloud hosts have improved and continue to improve their security measures. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your information and access has the latest security measures in place and they are being continually upgraded. The question to ask here is do you continually upgrade security on your devices? I’m betting that you are like most people who don’t do this. Another factor about security is that if you have multiple devices then you provide several opportunities for hackers and cyber thieves to access your information. With cloud hosting they only get one opportunity and their chances of succeeding are extremely small.

For businesses requiring a network of technology equipment the cloud offers them a huge saving. It means businesses don’t have to upgrade all of their hardware, they have way less chance of a security breach, they don’t have to invest a huge amount of time in updating their hardware programs because once it’s on the net it’s available to everybody in their network, the cloud doesn’t need to be upgraded by the business because the cloud host is continually upgrading its services and all of this means that the whole process is extremely agile and quick to implement new programs, services, information or whatever new apps that a business, and individuals, need.

Basically the short answer to why use cloud hosting is that cloud computingwill store data, interact with that data and deliver the data to whoever is eligible to access it. This also means that several people can be accessing this data at the same time which means all those that need to be involved are on the same page. This alone cuts back on time through wastage because of meetings and travel.

So why use cloud hosting? Because it can save you a lot of money, time, is ultra-convenient and one day soon we will all be wondering how we managed without it.


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