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Posted on 12th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

, , , , has launched a new VPS platform, featuring scalability, self-healing, dedicated resources, full root access to the server and security on a Gigabit network.  The new platform can include nearly 100 “plug ‘n go” templates including those for blogs, galleries, MySQL, Web servers, as well as optimised versions of the most popular server software for Web hosts and developers.

“We are seeing a definite trend where individuals and companies alike are moving towards virtually hosted servers,” UK2 product and e-commerce director Andy Manning said in a statement. “The benefit is clear with reduced total cost of ownership through the reduction of maintenance and hardware costs. Our VPS product brings the advantages of a hosting infrastructure that used to be the preserve of large companies and makes it available to all. We wanted to make it easy for our shared hosting customers to setup and install so that they have the tools and the confidence to keep on growing successful websites. The VPS platform is ideal hosting platform for blogs, e-commerce shops and development environments.”

I didn’t know until today that, midPhase, and WestHost, the UK2 Group launched VPS.NET, a redundant cloud-like system designed to simplify the process of virtual private server cloud hosting, earlier this year. VPS.NET used the same “node-based” system, where each node represents a quantity of system resources.  With all the new innovations in cloud hosting you will see and lead the way towards cloud servers that will be much like a VPS cloud server.

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