Tilera & Quanta Now With 512-Core Cloud Server


Posted on 22nd June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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SeaMicro two weeks ago announced a 512 Intel Atom cloud server.  Well, fellow start up Tilera and ODM Quanta are launching their own 512-core offering based on Tilera’s 64-core Pro64 chip. Tilera also announced plans to double the core count every two years starting with a 100-core processor in 2011 and a 200-core chip in 2013.

Tilera is trying to meet the demand of businesses deploying cloud computing or Web-based IT infrastructures, communications companies and HPC (high-performance computing) systems vendors, who all are trying to find ways of increasing the performance of their massive server farms while driving down power, cooling and floor space costs.

“It’s creating pretty much of a pinch,” Troy Bailey, vice president of marketing at Tilera, said in an interview, referring to the problems facing companies running lots of servers. “I think it’s pretty clear that getting IT the power [for their IT infrastructure], cooling it and getting the floor space are important.”

Industry analysts have called the move to cloud computing a transformative time for the industry, and that such times offer opportunities for new companies to make their mark.

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  1. Peter Matial says:

    What you don’t mention is the fact that the Tilera cloud server is 10x better than the SeaMicro cloud server. Their 512 Atom cloud server will hold up better and last longer than that of SeaMicro.

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    22nd June 2010 at 2:47 pm

  2. GigeNETCloud Customer Base Doubles | iNeedSmarts says:

    […] Tilera & Quanta Now With 512-Core Cloud Server « Best Cloud Server, Cloud Hosting Reviews,… […]

    22nd June 2010 at 9:17 pm

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