TIBCO Unveils Cloud-Based Offering


Posted on 14th July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Fast Facts

--  The TIBCO Silver Spotfire offering is available at no charge for
    one-year and provides an authoring client, expansive web-based sharing
    and hosting for the user's favorite personal or business Spotfire
    application. Monthly hosting options are available for ongoing usage
    after the introductory year.

--  TIBCO Silver Spotfire is accessible for immediate use from

--  The ease-of-use of the service, which builds on TIBCO's previously
    announced TIBCO Silver(TM) initiative
http://www.tibco.com/company/news/releases/2009/press967.jsp    help expand TIBCO's footprint into the small and medium business and
    consumer market for dashboards and analytic apps. Unlike competitive
    products, the TIBCO Silver Spotfire and the TIBCO Silver cloud
    application delivery platform are fast, simple and easy to use. TIBCO
    Silver Spotfire streamlines the process of delivering cloud-based
    analytic apps and dashboards in a matter of minutes -- not months --
    by deploying what you need, when you need it to improve the way work
    gets done.

--  TIBCO Silver Spotfire is more than traditional BI in a SaaS offering;
    it is essentially a "social BI" offering that enables business teams
    to easily build and share reports, dashboards, charts, and other
    visualization and calculations in order to grow a corporate analytics
    knowledge base. TIBCO Silver Spotfire can be integrated with social
    media, allowing users to embed live dashboards into their business
    blogs and online articles, thereby distributing their analytic
    knowledge base more broadly than is possible with traditional BI

--  TIBCO partners and service providers also benefit from this program by
    easily showcasing and exchanging their solutions and application
    templates with customers, prospects and members of the community.


--  "This news builds on our cloud strategy of streamlining from months to
    minutes the time needed to build and deploy applications. TIBCO Silver
    Spotfire puts analytics, BI and rich disposable apps within anyone's
    reach in minutes -- rather than the months it took previously if IT
    was willing to deploy it. This means users can easily interact with
    our technology just where it is needed."
     -- Vivek Ranadive,
    Chairman and CEO, TIBCO Software Inc.

--  "We have now made it possible for anyone to analyze information and
    uncover compelling new insights from any data -- whether for
    assignments at work, such as sales and marketing reviews, budgeting
    and planning or project management, as well as projects at home, such
    as reviewing personal stock portfolios or analyzing fantasy sports
    teams. For this reason, TIBCO is making our new offering a quick and
    simple program, unlocking dashboards, analytics, and BI for anyone."

    -- Rock Gnatovich, Spotfire Chief Operating Officer, TIBCO Software

--  "Spotfire offers the only analytic platform that's intuitive, yet
    powerful enough to guide any user type -- from beginner to expert.
    With this new cloud-based offering, Spotfire is further empowering
    everyday users to get the on-demand information they need, rather than
    relying on IT to deliver pre-configured reports, common to many BI
     -- Bill Carney, Vice President of Marketing, Veracode, Inc.

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