The PG&E Energy Program For Web Hosting Companies


Posted on 7th December 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Most web hosting companies are instituting different energy efficiency measures that belong to the PG&E energy program. Many modern companies are committed to these types of programs especially because these projects are able to minimize the impact of their activities on our environment.

A really important aspect that relates to these programs is the fact that they are able to reduce the costs for their customers by simply providing the most-advanced technologies. The specialists estimate that the new measures are capable to save about 10,000,000 Kilowatts every year.

In order to help these companies to provide the most cost-efficient web hosting solutions, the new PG&E program delivers different technical services. Additionally, it analyzes the energy efficiency of these companies.

The utility centers offer a large portfolio of new technologies, which include consolidation, virtualization, idle disks, high efficiency conditioning, data storage systems, network management software and many others. These centers also analyze the documents for data center projects, which can provide the best energy savings.

Thanks to the PG&E program, the web hosting companies are able to benefit from an exceptional PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), which rates 1.37 – figure that is superior to the average industrial PUE of only 2.0. In order to achieve the rate of 1.37, the companies are installing some truly efficient infrastructure components, such as the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies). This component is based on the energy efficiency ratings.

Furthermore, there are a few mechanical improvements that relate to redesigning the cooling systems in order to minimize the power requirements. The new projects also include the use of the natural density of the cold air, which can improve the energy efficiency even more. Moreover, the PG&E intends to reform the existing project into the best energy-efficient program.

This project delivers the most efficiency technologies, which are means to help customers to save money. Thus, this program is capable to provide the right financial incentives and technical assistance, which can support the latest tools for energy efficiency.

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