The Constitutional issues of cloud computing


Posted on 13th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Hosting and the Constitution. With cloud hosting becoming the growing industry in computer hosting, the question arises with the amount of information available on these services (ex.Gmail) what is and isn’t considered private? And, what information can law enforcement officials legally access without breaking the rights afforded by the Fourth Amendment of the United States? Personal Privacy, especially from the government is something people hold in high regard. People don’t tend to enjoy having law officials snooping in what they consider secure or private information without the proper paperwork or rights.

If a home is deemed questionable by a enforcement agent, they by law must acquire a proper search warrant or face the repercussions. With online information such as emails on cloud hosting, this line begins to blur as officials can access private information without necessarily breaking the legality of privacy issues because the information they seek is not considered to be in one particular spot, but spread out over a large computer network.

Cloud Hosting is here to stay and it will be up to not just law enforcement and government officials, but ourselves to determine what is and isn’t private property.

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