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Twitter Moving Data Center to Utah

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Huge news out of Utah today.  Twitter announced it is moving its data center operations to the Salt Lake City area. In a blog post by Jean-Paul Cozzatti, Twitter Engineering Program Manager said the new custom-built data center is necessary to help Twitter keep up with growth.

Twitter operates a social networking site that enables people to share information with followers in the form of “tweets” or messages limited to 140 characters. More than 300,000 people sign up for Twitter accounts on an average day.

“Keeping pace with these users and their Twitter activity presents some unique and complex engineering challenges,” said Cozzatti in his blog. “Having dedicated data centers will give us more capacity to accommodate this growth in users and activity on Twitter.”

Does this mean that Twitter cloud hosting is coming soon? I don’t think as fast as most would like.  C7 is the data center that they are moving into and they don’t have any cloud servers in their facility as of right now. The Salt Lake City a hub for large data centers because of the availability of relatively low-cost electricity and a high-speed communications network that allows the rapid transmission of huge volumes of data.  Should be interesting what this does for Utah cloud hosting companies… LIKE US.  As you know or may not know, we are located in Utah.

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World Cup 2010 Cloud Hosting

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Uruguay's Diego Godin (r.) is tackled by France's Nicolas Anelka  (l.) during World Cup group A action in Cape Town, South Africa.

Uruguay’s Diego Godin (r.) is tackled by France’s Nicolas Anelka (l.) during World Cup group A action in Cape Town, South Africa.

I have been watching the World Cup for the past week and got to thinking about how the World Cup is affecting the Cloud Hosting world.  I have been rooting for America becuase I live here but I truly think the way that the Germans beat Australia (4-0) They are my top pick right now!

Spain’s stunning loss to Switzerland caused a huge uproar but let’s be honest… Spain has never made it out of the quarter finals in the cup.  They always tend to fold under pressure.  Right after this loss there were so many Tweets on Twitter that it caused the site to go down for almost 20 min.    When England played the US last Saturday people were so passionate about sharing every little update with their followers that it caused Twitter to go down for over an hour.  Games are regularly 90 minutes. So basically, Twitter was down for almost a whole match.

Watching the mass amounts of people that have been watching the World Cup has made me think about cloud hosting and how it can help all the many sites that theses masses of people come to.  ESPN has around 43 million unique people coming to their site a month but during World Cup time… they see a spike of around 10 million people that month.  WOW.  What does this mean for ESPN?  It means that switching over to cloud servers would be the best option for them.

Cloud servers are scalable. Cloud hosting has been broadly defined as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go, high-availability service, as opposed to an order-to-provision, annually-contracted, configure-your-own-backups and buy-or-lease-your-servers kind of a service.  Wouldn’t this help a site like ESPN to scale to this amount of people coming to the website to read about what is happening with their favorite World Cup Team?

Cloud hosting would allows World Cup websites to use a web server for an hour, pay for an hour and be done with it. This cloud service is like the electricity in your home, which you can switch on and off as required catering to when you need power and when you don’t.

World Cup cloud hosting websites are the way to go.  For all you people out there that have websites… Switch to the cloud.  It will save you so much money. Especially when you have massive amounts of traffic that come to your website for a short amount of time.  Like during the World Cup.

Go Germany… World Cup 2010 Champs!

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