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Cloud Linux Releases Server LVE Wrappers

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

“Cloud Linux Inc., an innovative software company dedicated to serving the needs of hosting service providers, today announces the availability of LVE Wrappers, tools that let the server owner control the exact CPU usage for individual users and applications. LVE Wrappers are based on CloudLinux’s Lightweight Virtual Environment technology that allows the administrator to control CPU usage on a server at the tenant or application level. LVE Wrappers allow the server owner to control resources for each application they run which gives them greater flexibility and stability out of the overall server infrastructure. The software is available to all CloudLinux subscribers.”

“LVE wrappers give system administrators an unprecedented level of control over the resources that services can use, without the overhead of fully blown virtualization. It provides a great level of convenience and control,” said , Cloud Linux Inc. Founder and CEO.

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