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Server Intellect Full Featured Cloud Offering

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Server Intellect announced the June release of their new Cloud Offering. Eric Pratt, CEO said, “In formulating our cloud offering, Server Intellect began by breaking down what true hosting on the cloud really means. For public cloud hosting, any valid offering should provide full scalability, full redundancy and full technical service.” Mr. Pratt added, “Server Intellect is proud to announce that our public cloud hosting will provide all three of these features which make up a true cloud offering at a price that is comparable to old-fashioned shared web hosting.”

They state that they will have 24/7/365 technical service that will be included as it is with all of Server Intellects cloud hosting services.  All of their new cloud servers will have the ability to scale within 15 seconds along with instant load balancing and clustered redundancy.

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