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Solving Scalability In The Cloud

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

The issue with most of the cloud platform software out there was that it was usually architected around a central master component, like a database server, that orchestrated and controlled how virtual servers where used on a cluster of servers. On a relatively small scale, these could mimic the operation of a large cloud environment, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), but that didn’t translate to tens and hundreds of thousands of nodes.

“We saw there was a focus on functionality, but they didn’t meet our needs on a scale front,” Bryce said of existing open source cloud and automation technologies.  Can their be scalable servers without the central master component of a database cloud server?  So basically what you are saying is it’s a scalable server that’s flexible but still has a master component.

What if we could do away with this and make it real cloud hosting?  What if cloud hosting was a scam?  Do you think cloud hosting is a scam?

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