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Malaysia Now in Cloud Computing Arena

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Malaysia is the first emerging economy in the region to have access to Microsoft Corporations full range of Cloud Computing capabilities, says its Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer.  Malaysia is also among 41 countries in the world where the Window Azure has been made available, he said, in announcing the availability of the online services here today. Malaysia cloud computing is now made possible with Window Azure my Microsoft cloud servers!

Window Azure is a Cloud Computing platform that enables developers to quickly and easily build, deploy, scale and manage applications and web services in Microsoft cloud data centers.  Ballmer also said Cloud Computing, where data and services are stored externally on the “cloud” and accessed via the internet, has strong relevance for economies like Malaysia.

According to Ballmer, Microsoft’s Cloud Computing, can also be used as tools in helping develop and transform Malaysia into a high income economy by 2020.  “We are fully in support of Malaysia’s innovation agenda,” he said.  Cloud Computing also offers tremendous potential for efficiency, cost savings and innovation that will help to boost Malaysia’s businesses.

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