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Fujitsu Unveils Global Cloud Strategy

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Fujitsu has launched its global cloud strategy.  They will focus on infrastructure, application, activity and content for their cloud server customers.

“Fujitsu has been developing its cloud computing technologies by looking at changes in society and how technology can help people cope with those changes – what we call a human-centric standpoint,” Fujitsu ICT services senior executive vice president Kazuo Ishida said in a statement. “In Japan, we have been successful in conducting trials involving ICT infrastructures in areas such as agriculture and healthcare. Through these offerings, we aim to become a leader in providing these types of services around the world.”

According to its Thursday announcement, the four-part strategy developed through the company’s real experience in working with customers on cloud computing services and delivery of solutions across the world.  As some of you remember, back in December 2009, Fujitsu America launched cloud services in North America.

“We will deliver a standardized cloud service through the deployment of our global cloud platform,” Fujitsu senior executive vice president Richard Christou stated. “To address the other modes of our consumption model, we will be making further announcements, including in conjunction with our key partners, in the coming months. Fujitsu is now in a position to work with customers to deliver the benefits of cloud.”

Read Full Cloud Server Strategy

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