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4delite Banners In The Cloud

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

4delite has announced the launch of its cloud server based rich media publishing platform for advertisers who want to create powerful, yet unified, ad creative for cross-media purposes that mobile and web experiences provide.

For those of you who have not used 4delite, you can create banners for your website using their system.  It’s a fast, fun, and very efficient way to make banners for your website. The cloud-based platform lets you drag-and-drop your own design for ad creative as well as embed whatever tracking URLs you require and takes only a matter of minutes.

The first public demo of the platform was held at a SF New Tech event in late August 2010 in San Francisco. 4delite was founded by Silicon Valley veterans Eugene Walden, Andy Laursen and Mary Ray, The company has developed a scalable publishing platform that is future-proofed for whatever emerges (or re-emerges) as the standard format for mobile and online advertising.

4delite is an angel-funded start-up, founded by a trio of Silicon Valley veterans: Eugene Walden, Andy Laursen and Mary Ray. Based in San Francisco, the company offers a cloud-based rich media publishing platform — the first self-serve solution for advertisers who want to create exportable rich media ads that work across mobile and web platforms, including the iPhone and iPad. Its board of advisors include: Mike Herring, Roger Lang, Will Price, Steve Cutcliffe and Jon Staenberg.

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