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Posted on 8th July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Standing Cloud is a new cloud hosting startup that looks to take the ease of use of the fully hosted providers and combine them with the benefits of having your own server space, with the added flexibility of being able to change between these cloud service providers in a few clicks.  It’s really going to revolutionize the way we use cloud computing.

Tech Crunch state:

“If you’ve ever used a shared hosting provider that offers one-click installs of software packages like WordPress, then the basics of Standing Cloud should sound familiar. Generally speaking, installing an open-sourced application to your server involves some fairly advanced configuration — you need to upload the proper files via FTP and run installation scripts, which are tasks that are pretty daunting for your average computer user. Many hosting providers offer a solution to this, allowing you to install a pre-configured version of the software to your server space in a few clicks. But Standing Cloud CEO David Jilk says this comes at a cost — once you’ve set up an app this way, it’s a pain to switch to another service provider down the line. Standing Cloud offers a solution to this problem.”

Standing Cloud’s service is free at the moment, I just signed up with them. There will be cost you incur from your regular hosting provider though. The cost of using Standing cloud will be $19.95 a month when all the free cloud hosting trials run out.

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