Softlayer Launches Parallels Server 4

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Posted on 14th June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting


Parallels, announced that global hosting company, Softlayer has launched Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal to diversify its products and attract new customers.

“We always aim to offer our customers the latest technologies to compliment their businesses,” said George Karidis, Chief Strategy Officer at Softlayer. “Parallels is a world class leader in virtualized infrastructure so we want to ensure our customers benefit from that level of innovation. We expect to see new virtual server sales increases as a result of launching Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal.”

“One of the key reasons in launching Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal was choice,” said Karidis. “Being able to grow our business while addressing new audiences that require expanded OS support is a really important part of our strategy. This product has helped us diversify our product offerings and our resellers and small to medium customers will benefit from this technology and the ability to use it along side Parallels Virtuozzo Containers.”

“Parallels understands the importance of automation tools and the innovative approach of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers has made us the leader in virtualized services,” said Jack Zubarev, President of Worldwide Service Providers. “The flexibility of hypervisor technology in Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal, automated by Parallels Virtual Automation allows service providers like Softlayer to roll-out the server virtualization approach that most suits their needs, with minimal financial and time investment.”

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