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Posted on 23rd September 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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SMEStorage cloud storage announced that its SMEStorage Android application is live in the Google Marketplace.  This new app is the first Android application that allows users to access and manage over ten storage clouds from their Android Phone in one cloud file view.

Files can be viewed and managed from Clouds such as Amazon S3, RackSpace CloudFiles, Box, Apple, Mobile Me, Microsoft SkyDrive, Microsoft Live Mesh, Gmail-as-a-cloud, Email-as-a-Cloud, FTP-as-a-Cloud, Google Docs, and WebDav enabled clouds.

Android has been added in the list of clients that users can use to get access to their files from the platform, said Ian Osborne, CEO at SMEStorage, adding that this application provides access to an “amazing array” of storage clouds right and provides sophisticated file sharing, file security, viewing and sync-to-device features.

“If users are at all like me they will have files in Google Docs, company files in something like Amazon S3, personal Files stored on FTP, and files stored as email attachments on GMail,” Osborne said.  This is officially the first multi cloud storage application that I have found.  Have any of you out there tested out this application?  I would love to know more about the application.  I have an iPhone and it’s not in the iTunes store as of right now.  We’ll see if it makes it there!

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  1. Jesse Labrocca says:

    Another great news to hear out from you, I’m impressed. It’s great to know about the update, I did not even hear about it anywhere but I learnt it from your blog which was great to know!

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    3rd October 2010 at 12:22 pm

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