Site5 Launches Shared Cloud Hosting

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Posted on 12th July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Site5 launched cloud hosting services, introducing Shared Cloud Hosting and Cloud Virtual Private Servers.  The new cloud servers combine Site5’s  customer support with the agility and reliability of cloud hosting architecture. Cloud hosting offers an unprecedented level of scalability, since nodes can be seamlessly upgraded and system resources can be instantly allocated across physical servers as needed. Cloud hosting also offers rapid failover protection, quickly activating parallel nodes in the event of a hardware failure or other outage.

“Shared Cloud Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting are designed to keep downtime for email and websites to an absolute minimum. It’s an ideal solution for businesses and consumers who need a very high level of uptime but don’t have a large IT budget to spend on complicated load-balanced, multi-server solutions. It is perfect for website owners that like to have access to enterprise grade hardware and uptime, without the massive cost,” said Site5 Chief Operating Officer Tom Sepper.

  • Shared Cloud Hosting is available in three standard configurations, starting at just $22.50 per month for 2GB of disk space and 50GB of monthly bandwidth. All plans include free website migration to Site5, a dedicated IP address, the SiteAdmin control panel, and automatic data backups.
  • Cloud Virtual Private Servers are heavily customizable. Customers may choose from 10 standard configurations, starting at $100 per month for 15GB of disk space, 600GB of monthly bandwidth, and a node powered by 756MB of RAM. All Virtual Private Servers include Site5’s exclusive “No Worry” Full Management services, the SiteAdmin control panel, daily and weekly remote data backups, and at least two dedicated IP addresses.

To learn more about Shared Cloud Hosting from Site5, please visit

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