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Posted on 27th February 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

Cloud server services allows even smaller websites to get all the features of cloud resources. Service providers build a complete platform to the customers to develop the virtual world envisioned by the owner. Cloud hosting is possible both for the public and private platforms. Cloud platforms allow the users to cut the cost incurred in underutilized resources. Public cloud provides guaranteed resources for dedicated hosting. Hardware and network uptime is guaranteed 100%. It ensures flexibility of Virtual Private Server (VPS). Private cloud environment is also made of robust architecture and availability of resources round the clock.

Clouds created by service providers are complete, redundant and scalable. Redundancy ensures several backups to support any of the hardware failures. Increasing traffic loads are well taken care of with the help of cloud hosting. These are simple, quick to use and uptime is guaranteed more than 98%.

Various dealers are available that provide web-based solutions to the clients. They have designed packages suitable to the client’s needs. Some of them entice the prospective clients with the help of introductory offers. Cloud hosting is gaining popularity and more value is achieved by the client compared to that provided by simple web environments.

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