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Posted on 26th January 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

, , , , , is a really cool service that let’s you set up a camera and monitor is from your computer 24/7.  This video monitor is hosted and stored in the cloud. raised $1.5 million in seed funding through Spark Capital, Charles River Ventures and other strategic angel investors. does some pretty cool things including keeping track of unusual and cool images and alert you when something happens. The new video cloud startup will send you an email or a text message if they detect something out of the ordinary or weird.
1000’s of people are using this service if they go away for the weekend and don’t have anyone to sit their house.  You can set up a online web-cam to monitor any suspicious activity in your home. will alert if you if they feel there is anything out of the ordinary.  It’s a pretty cool service so I put it to the test.
I think their system is only based on movement.  I set it up at my house where our house cleaners (I know, stuck up) came in and I watched them clean the house.  Once they entered the frame it sent me a text message telling me that someone had entered the home.  It was pretty cool how fast and efficient everything worked.  This service also allows you to set up the camera private or public, allowing all your friends to see what’s going on where your camera is set up. Pretty amazing service.  Hope they don’t run into privacy concerns or sexual lawsuits for helping perverts.
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