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Posted on 30th July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Cloudkick has integrated multi-factor authentication into their website by working with YubiKey, the innovative USB-key by the leading open source strong authentication company Yubico, Cloudkick customers can now login easily and securely for managing their cloud servers.

Cloudkick enhances it’s security by having a second authentication factor which would supplement the typical username and password single-factor process and could be used for different authentication and identification purposes, basically from day one. After evaluating different authentication solutions, Cloudkick chose the YubiKey. After 6 months of using the YubiKey internally, Cloudkick decided to offer the solution to their customers.

“The reasons for choosing YubiKey was that it’s secure -technical specifications are open, portable -most of our employees carry it around on a key chain and it’s easy to use -the process is transparent and you don’t need to have any extra software installed to use it,” says Robert Hrdinsky, Community Manager at Cloudkick.

“Cloud management tools have become business critical for the majority of IT-companies. We are pleased to partner with a fast growing and innovative player such as Cloudkick for providing a great user experience of secure cloud management,” says Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO at Yubico.

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